Pivot to the South Package


Southern Alberta is home to the vast landscape of agriculture because of irrigation. The Brooks Aqueduct built between 1912 -1914 stands a testament to the work pioneers put into building an irrigation system that helped provide water to the arid farmlands in southeastern Alberta.

Irrigation transformed this area and has allowed for a wide array of croplands to flourish over the years. Pivot Spirit Distillery, an eco-friendly sustainable Craft Distillery owned and operated by Rachelle Fiset and Lars (Larry) Hirch, is a unique facility in Southern Alberta that is showcasing a product that has been made bountiful by irrigation.

Book our Pivot to the South Package and take a short 30-minute drive to see pivot irrigation systems up close and taste how Rachelle and Lars have transformed locally sourced grains, botanicals, and flavor infusions into unique Spirits!

Packages at the Heritage Inn & Suites starting at $170.00 + applicable fees and taxes.

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