Your two-day adventure tour in the Brooks Region!

Day One

  • Morning

    Kinbrook Island Provincial Park

    Camp at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park so that you get to start your day with sunrise and the sounds of waterbirds! Pack your mountain bikes and hit the 6 km Marsh Trail during golden hour to catch serene views of the lake and surrounding prairie, as well as the wide variety of birds, beaver, deer, and other wildlife that are abundant in the park. This trail has minimal elevation change, which makes it family-friendly and perfect for new bikers. If you have young children, we suggest beginning at the west marker near the ‘I’ loop in the campgrounds, then following the land bridge for the first kilometer of the trail before turning around for a manageable distance. Make sure to pack your binoculars as you never know what wildlife you may see!

  • Late Morning/Afternoon

    Lake Newell

    Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or new to the sport, find the best spots on Lake Newell for trophy Walleye and Northern Pike with Trebled Life Guided Fishing Tours. We recommend booking the half day tour, which provides ample time to learn from their knowledgeable guide and garner a plentiful catch for the day. You’ll be feeling like a professional angler in no time!

  • Evening

    Lake Newell Resort Marina

    After cooking dinner on an open campfire, head over to the other side of the lake to rent kayaks and paddleboards from the Lake Newell Resort Marina. Unwind as you paddle along the shore and watch the sunset on the water and wide-open prairies to the west. While the sunset alone makes for a spectacular picture, we suggest paddling across Blue Heron Bay to snap a photo of the iconic lighthouse to the east of the Resort.

  • Night

    Kinbrook Island Provincial Park

    Cozy up to a crackling fire at your Kinbrook campsite as the evening cools off. With minimal light pollution, the provincial park is the ideal location for stargazing! If your campsite is nestled into the park’s more mature trees, take a short walk to one of the many benches along the water to see if you can catch a glimpse of a shooting star.

Day Two

  • Morning

    Brooks Aqueduct

    Pack up your campsite and head into Brooks, stopping at the Historic Aqueduct on your way into the city. This 100-year old structure is a testament to the ingenuity of original settlers in the Brooks Region, who devised a comprehensive irrigation network to bring water to the surrounding fields. Marvel at this ‘river in the sky’, which is suspended 20 metres above the 3.2 kilometre valley. The path that follows the aqueduct is a popular destination for runners, cyclists, and dog walkers.

  • Late Morning

    City of Brooks

    Pick up a quick lunch in Brooks (some of our favourite healthy options downtown include quinoa salad from the Steaming Cup or the daily special from Earthy Eats) before renting all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) from All Season Cycle.

  • Afternoon

    Dinosaur Provincial Park

    End the day off with a leisurely hike or bike ride through Cottonwood Flats at Dinosaur Provincial Park. 45 minutes north of Brooks. This 1.4 km loop will take you from the campgrounds to views of the hoodoos and valley along the Red Deer River. If you want to go farther, extend your loop by taking the 1.3 km Badlands trail, which will take you through the uniquely carved landscape and back to the campgrounds. Make sure to bring sturdy shoes and a water bottle, even in the evening! The badlands provide the perfect opportunity to take interesting pictures to share your adventures on Instagram or Strava. If you’re planning to watch the sunset along the path, bring a map and a headlamp so you can find your way back to the campground after dark!