Do you enjoy photographing every moment as you travel? Are you an adventurous spirit ready to take on the wild with only a few essentials from home? Do you enjoy the presentation and experience of food? How about reveling in history or intimate moments with life list birds? Does ending your day curled up in “Glamping” style sound like a new photography opportunity? Whatever your niche is, However you want to enjoy the outdoors, this photography experience is yours for the taking.

Day 1

  • Morning

    The Steaming Cup

    Satisfy your caffeine craving at The Steaming Cup. If coffee isn’t your thing try the tea. They use honey from a local honey producer. The Steaming Cup dabbles in fresh pastries and carries a selection of gorgeous coffee mugs from a local potter. Try using an 85mm Prime lens to capture the morning light hitting the steam of your beverage with local conversation blurred in the background.

  • Morning

    Lake Newell - Kinbrook Provincial Park

    Once you’re pleasantly refreshed and full of delicious food, head south on Hwy 1 toward Suffield, and set your destination to Kinbrook Provincial Park; a short and scenic drive away. Come early to snag a spot on the beach, and take a moment to appreciate the surroundings! Lake Newell is the largest, warmest, manmade lake in Alberta, and one of the few places in the province that boasts a large beach. This opportunity is unique, especially in Alberta, for grabbing photos of athletes’ wind surfing.

    Water Sport Action Shots
    Put your camera in waterproof housing or lower a go pro under the surface and wade deep into the warm water to get an immersive shot. Under/over shots with wind surfers is a great portfolio piece.

  • Morning

    Kinbrook Island Marsh trails

    Birding Shots
    If you’re into taking close-up photos of birds, you’ve come to the right place! Lake Newell is home to many species of beautifully marked birds and has been said to be a “hidden gem” amongst Birders in Southern Alberta. The islands on the lake are nesting sites for Double Crested Cormorants. Grab your birding life list because White Pelicans reside here. The wetlands near the campground provide excellent bird photography opportunities, and an interpretive marsh trail introduces visitors to the area’s abundant bird species.

    The Kinbrook Island Marsh trails are the perfect place to set up a camera; especially for photographers who are looking for a quieter nature experience. With ample time to get the perfect shot or to soak up the natural beauty of Kinbrook Island Provincial Park.

    If you fill up your camera cards and need to purchase a new one on the quick, no worries. Lake Newell is close to the major urban centers where you have access to everything you might need during your weekend away. Utilize the white dishes and table cloths. Minimize clutter by focusing on the colors of one dish. Get up close with detailed shots to create mouthwatering images.

  • Lunch

    Wasana Restaurant

    Stop at Wasana Restaurant back in Brooks for a Thai surprise. This place is a gem for Thai food lovers. If you have never had Thai before this is the place to have your first experience. The staff is gracious, welcoming and accommodating. Fresh veggies and authentic flavors are just the beginning of your experience. With each colourful dish presented, there is an opportunity to try shooting for seamless white backgrounds, or increase attention by utilizing the white dishes and table clothes to communicate openness and freshness. This suggested dinner venue for the evening is going to be rich and action packed but try to make room for dessert. Finish your Thai meal with fresh sliced mango on rice with a subtly sweet coconut drizzle.

  • Lunch

    Brooks Aqueduct

    Capture the magnificence of one of the largest aqueducts in the world. Use a wide-angle lens, and take home an image of history that will make your audience feel like they can step right into the photograph.

  • Dinner

    Patricia Hotel

    If you search for restaurants talked about like legends then head to Patricia Hotel for some great Alberta western history. Step back in time while participating in their steak pit dinner. Be forewarned you’ll be fashioning up your own meat and potatoes. Their savory homemade soup, different each day, is an experience on its own and is one of the side dishes to the steak pit dinner. This moment is for action food shots. Include the hands preparing the meal for a more personal experience.

    *Note: This venue is a bar. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed in on Family Night (Sunday evenings). Be prepared to show photo ID.

  • Dinner

    Dinosaur Provincial Park

    Glam Camp at Dinosaur Provincial Park
    Head to Dinosaur Provincial Park to photograph a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a unique camping experience. Camp in old-fashioned safari style tents under the stars. This park offers both spacious standard and comfort-style camp sites so that you can camp or “glamp” to your level of comfort