Exploring the Brooks Region is something all adventurers should add to their bucket list. Between the infamous hoodoos and water oasis’, the area is the hidden gem of southern Alberta.


The Kinbrook Marsh Nature Trail

Let your eyes sore as you explore the Kinbrook Marsh Nature Trail. Locals recommend taking the secondary trail to enjoy sandy beaches, picnic areas, a boat launch, playground, concession and campground. A large portion of the trail is fully developed with sections of boardwalk and well-groomed dirt paths.


Stafford Lake

The paved recreation pathway connects the areas of the park, providing the perfect lake environment while you make your way through the trail. Loop around the lake for a chance to enjoy the ecosystem that calls Stafford Lake home. This family-friendly destination has a playground and benches throughout the stroller and wheelchair friendly trail.


Dinosaur Provincial Park

Ready to have a prehistoric party at Dinosaur Provincial Park? This area is packed with both guided and self-guided tours throughout a variety of trails. Self-guided trails include information signs, viewing decks, fossil houses, and benches perfect for sightseeing.


  • The Prairie Trail – Three hundred metre loop around the grassland area of the park. Enjoy a view of the Badlands from a large cliff-side viewpoint.


  • The Coulee Viewpoint – One kilometre loop explores a coulee valley, filled with beautiful views of caves, hoodoos, sinkholes, popcorn rock, rock lichens, and rills.


  • Badlands Trail – 1.3 km trail is the only one that visits the Nature Preserve and is excellent for anyone seeking a bit of adventure. Follow the path into a canyon surrounded by hoodoos and coulees.


  • Fossil Hunters Trail – One kilometre one-way trail leads up to an old rock quarry and provides fossil seekers with the opportunity to discover.


  • Cottonwood Flats Trail – 1.5 km loop trail that explores the prairie grasslands and leads up into a grove of cottonwood trees on the edge of Red Deer River.


Know before you go! It is important to prepare before exploring the Badlands. Temperatures can get extremely hot, so prepare with water, sunglasses and a hat. Wear proper footwear and pack rain gear as the weather can be unpredictable.


Watch your step! Rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widow spiders and cactuses are in this region, so proceed with caution. Be careful what you touch and do not stick your hands or feet into any holes or crevices.


Centrosaurus Quarry Hike

Located in Dinosaur Provincial Park, this moderate to difficult guided tour lasts 2.5 hours. Discover what gave Dinosaur Provincial Park its world-famous title as you explore rough streambeds and sandstone ridges on your journey to a former dig site. All explorers must be over the age of seven for this adventure and pets are not permitted for this exhibition. As with all Badlands adventures, prepare for your journey. Come equipped with water, sunglasses, a hat, sturdy and closed-toe and heel footwear, sunscreen and insect repellent.