You can experience rich, authentic Aboriginal history and culture right here in Newell Region! Immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the Aboriginal people as you gain a firsthand look into some of the incredible customs that make this culture so unique. We welcome you to discover the past, present, and future of Aboriginal culture.


Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park

Embark on an exciting, authentic Blackfoot cultural experience with Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park. Dive into this spectacular history, with interactive exhibits and stunning traditional performances that bring the dazzling traditions of Aboriginal culture to life. Enjoy a variety of different demonstrations, activities, and events hosted by the centre, and stop into the site’s restaurant to experience the delicious taste of traditional Aboriginal cuisine. Take a self-guided tour of the numerous historic sites, there’s a piece of Aboriginal culture waiting to be discovered at every turn.


Earthlodge Village

Located near the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, this natural cultural resource and historical site represents a settlement area that was established in the early 1740s. Excavations have been done on this site throughout history to try to learn more about its origin, with the University of Calgary Archaeology Department undertaking another excavation this summer as they try to uncover the mystery of this village. West of the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Interpretive Centre is the Cluny Earthlodge Village. The origin of this unique site has yet to be discovered, but archaeological evidence tells us the village was established by a group who migrated from the Middle Missouri region of the Dakotas. This historic site is filled with mystery and intrigue, what will you uncover?


Majorville Cairn and Medicine Wheel

The Majorville Medicine Wheel is a sacred Aboriginal site where Blackfoot ritual activity links the present with the past, and the past to the future. Located in Bassano, the journey to the Majorville Cairn and Medicine Wheel is a challenging one, and it is recommended to take a 4×4 vehicle during dry weather as much of the journey is through a pasture. Archaeological studies reveal this site is one of the oldest religious monuments in the world, as it has been continuously used for the past 4,500 years. When visiting this site, please keep in mind this is a sacred area. Ensure to respect the land, and do not move or disturb anything in the area.


First Nations Glyphstone

Located inside Dinosaur Provincial Park, take the Prairie Hiking Trail to find this ancient Aboriginal glyphstone. The glyphstone is covered in etchings from First Nations Peoples, and while the exact meaning behind the etchings remains unknown it is theorised that they represent landmarks for travel or sacred offerings before and after a bison hunt. Keep on the Prairie Trail to discover an ancient ring of rocks that held down a teepee.


The Brooks Region offers visitors many unique ways to engage with and take witness to the area’s cultural roots. Educate yourself about the rich Aboriginal cultural experiences right here in Alberta! Just east of Calgary, make Brooks Region your next day trip our weekend getaway!