Craving a quiet retreat away from the city? The Brooks Region is the ultimate destination for winter campers looking to escape during the colder months. Try your hand at pitching a tent or bringing your RV to one of the 200 year-round spots in the area. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, winter camping has quickly become a favourite for those seeking an escape from routine.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Step back in time by taking on winter camping at Dinosaur Provincial Park. This unique camping spot offers more than 120 tent and RV-friendly sites featuring unserviced and powered options, fire pits and outhouse facilities.

As you roll in, we encourage you to do a quick Google of the lambeosaurus, corythosaurus, centrosaurus, chasmosaurus, and the mighty gorgosaurus. These dino species were some of the most common creatures that roamed the Brooks Region.

Once your campsite is set up, take on the trails with winter hiking. Get swept away into the wild history of the land where 44 dinosaur species were discovered. If you are lucky, you may also get a glimpse of real dinosaur bones at one of the two outdoor display houses in the area.

At the first display house, you will see a nearly complete skeleton of the “duck-billed” dinosaur contained in the original sediment it was found in 75 million years ago. The second display house contains a replica digsite for the “Centrosaurus Bone-Bed” where hundreds of horned dinosaur fossils were found.

Here are some of Dinosaur Park’s best trails to try out

  • Prairie Trail (15 min loop) – View serene landscapes while learning about the Indigenous Peoples who first inhabited this land.
  • Coulee Viewpoint Trail (45 min loop) – Enjoy ridge-top views with some challenging scramble areas
  • Badlands Trail (45 min loop) This public loop trail gives you the chance to look at the entire badland landscape.
  • Trail of the Fossil Hunters (40 min loop) – Begin at Display House #2 and journey to the historic quarry site.
  • Cottonwood Flats Trail (60 min loop) – Keep your eyes to the sky to catch a look at the lively bird species along this riverside.

Kinbrook Island

Kinbrook Island is the perfect combination of peaceful escape and fun-filled activities for individuals, couples and families looking to disconnect from the busy day-to-day and reconnect with the simple things in life.

When you pull up to one of the 29 sites at Kinbrook Island you are given the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate lakeside camping experience. Year-round, this site offers outhouse facilities and power services available for public use.

For such a peaceful location, Kinbrook Island does not lack adventurous activities to take on solo, with a partner or with family! The park is located right off the edge of Lake Newell, Brooks’ crown jewel of winter outdoor thrills. Whether you love snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, winter-hiking or ice fishing, this is the perfect spot to explore endless miles of untouched powder.

If you want to enjoy something more lowkey, strap on your boots and pack your binoculars to try out birding. Brooks is home to hundreds of rare species who enjoy the serenity of Kinbrook Island. You are bound to find a new appreciation for the feathered-friends in the area.